Wine Fermenter: A description for the wine fermenter job

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Wine Fermenter: Tends tanks that convert (ferment) crushed fruit or must into wines by either of following methods: (a) Dumps or shovels specified amounts of crushed fruits into wine tanks and starts pump to admit premeasured amounts of syrup. Turns valve to admit compressed air into tank and allows mash to ferment for specified period of time. (b) Pours and dumps specified amount of chemicals and yeast into tank containing must to prevent bacteria growth and induce fermentation. Starts pump to circulate must to enrich color and flavor of wine. Starts pump to circulate must through heat exchanger as required to prolong fermentation, according to temperature readings. Turns valve to admit compressed air into must when producing sparkling burgundy and champagne. Starts pump to transfer fermented mash or wine into storage tanks. May also pump fermented wine through filter equipment to remove sediment. May also meter out specified amounts of sugar and water into automatic mixing tank to produce syrup. May also be designated according to type of wine produced as Fermenter, Champagne (beverage industry).

Job industry: beverage industry

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