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Yarn Winder – Back winder, package winder, rewinder, spooler, winder, winding-machine operator Tends machine that winds strands of yarn from bobbins, cakes, pirns, and other yarn packages into packages specified for further processing, shipment, or storage: Places supply packages on spindles or holders. Threads ends of yarn from each package through guides and tension device and attaches them to takeup package. Moves lever, depresses pedal, or flips switch to start machine. Observes winding units to detect breaks in yarn and ties broken ends by hand or with knotter. Stops machine or winding unit and doffs packages. Inspects yarn for defects. Reports malfunction of machine to MACHINE FIXER (textile industry) 689.260-010. May also weigh yarn package or keep production records. May also tend machine that winds yarn through emulsion-filled trough or against paraffin disk to soften or strengthen yarn. May also be designated according to package wound or supply package used as Bobbin Winder (textile industry), Cake Winder (textile industry), or according to material wound as Worsted Winder (textile industry). When winding continuous filament yarn to or from packages used in throwing processes, is known as Redraw Operator (textile industry). When rewinding tangled or short lengths of yarn, is known as Salvage Winder (textile industry). Important variables may also be indicated by trade names or machines used. May also be designated Brass-Bobbin Winder (textile products), Cone Spooler (industry), Cone Winder (textile industry), Cop Winder (textile industry), Muff Winder (textile industry), Piece Hand (textile industry), Pirn Winder (textile industry), Quill Winder (fabrics industry), Spool Winder (textile industry), Tailing-Machine Operator (textile industry), Tube Winder (industry), Twine Winder (textile products).

Job industry: textile products textile industry

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