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Weaver – Operates power looms equipped with rollers and shuttles adapted for bobbins or cops to weave twisted coir, sisal, or paper yarns to produce items, for example mesh, scrim, and fiber rugs, according to specified color, type, pattern, and size: Positions shuttles and inspects looms for broken strands. Releases brake and pulls lever to start loom. Stops loom when breaks and defective weaving are observed or watches for looms stopped by automatic stop-motion device. Threads warp through guides and heddles, over rollers and wax bars, and ties or splices ends, to repair breaks in warp. Breaks out imperfect strands of filling or turns back roll and removes filling up to defect to repair defects or breaks in filling. Stops loom and replaces empty shuttle. Starts loom and clips off end of filler close to selvage. Clears jams in bobbin-type shuttle by removing bobbin and rewinding snarled yarn or by inserting new bobbin. Inserts full cop into empty shuttles manually while loom is running. Installs specified spools in creel when pattern is changed. Cuts and removes full roll of fabric, and tapes end of fabric (discharging from machine) onto tube, or places fabric end under canvas flap and turns roller until fabric is wound tightly onto tube to start new roll, with assistance of CREELER (industry). May also operate loom equipped with three heddles which twist two warp yarns together between each filling yarn to produce leno (open mesh) weave.

Job industry: carpet industry

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