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Beamer – Dry-slasher tender, rebeamer Tends machine that winds yarn from several section beams I simultaneously onto single loom beam preparatory to weaving: Positions section beams on creel with aid of BEAMER HELPER (textile industry), using chain hoist. Lays individual yarn ends from each section beam between dents of reed and teeth of expansion comb, following leases in section warps. Tapes yarn ends to loom beam or ties groups of yarn ends into knots and inserts knots into slots of loom beam. Turns knob to set yardage clock as specified. Starts machine and observes yarn to detect slubs, breaks, and tangles. Removes slubs with scissors, straightens tangles, and ties broken yarn ends with fingers. Inserts lease string in warp yarn and secures yarn ends with tape. Doffs full loom beam onto handtruck and replaces beam with empty beam with aid of BEAMER HELPER (textile industry), using chain hoist. Records style number, number of yarn breaks, machine stops, and yardage beamed.

Job industry: textile industry

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