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Covering Machine Operator 1 – Elastic-yarn twister, rubber coverer, rubber-covering-machine operator Tends covering machine that twists one or more strands of yarn around rubber or synthetic yarn cores to produce elastic yarn: Threads narrow strip (ribbon) of rubber through feed rollers and splitting mechanism, or separates partially cut strands of rubber, or places cones of core yarn or rubber thread on holders. Draws ends of core yarn or rubber through guide and hollow spindles, using hook, and laps ends around takeup package. Positions yarn supply packages on spindles, threads ends through guides and tensions, and wraps ends around yarn or rubber core. Observes operation to detect defective twisting caused by taut or slack yarn and turns setscrew to adjust tension. Ties broken ends. Replaces exhausted supply of yarn or rubber and ties ends to ends in machine. Doffs machine and places empty takeup packages on holders. May also compare measurements of relaxed and stretched covered rubber, and adjust speed of takeup mechanism that controls rubber tension to ensure stretch of specified length.

Job industry: textile industry

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