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Circulation Sales Representative: Promotes and coordinates sale and distribution of newspapers in areas served by franchised wholesale distributors: Surveys urban and suburban areas to determine newspaper sales potential, using statistical tables, and recommends new outlets and locations for newsstands, street-sale racks, and carrier routes. Schedules delivery and distribution of newspapers and regulates size of orders to maintain maximum sales with minimum return of unsold papers. Evaluates dealer sales and assists dealers through sales promotion and training programs. Inspects routes to ensure prompt and regular delivery of newspapers to distributors, dealers, carriers, and vending machines. Distributes and explains circulation instructions and changes to distributors and dealers, and investigates and adjusts dealer complaints. Examines and investigates applications for sale or transfer of franchises. Investigates delinquent accounts and makes collections. Instructs drivers, dealers, and carriers in sales techniques to improve sales. Lays out home delivery routes and organizes carrier crews. Analyzes sales statistics to assist management in circulation planning. Reports on sales and activities of competitors. Writes promotional bulletins to notify dealers and carriers of special sales promotions and offers. Arranges for sale of newspapers at special events and sale of special issues and editions in case of important news breaks.

Job industry: printing industry

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