Compressed Gas Plant Worker: A description for the compressed gas plant worker job

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Compressed Gas Plant Worker: Performs any combination of following tasks in establishment making compressed and liquefied gas: Loads cylinders or ton containers on vehicles, using handtruck or chain hoist, and records type and quantity of cylinders. Examines returned cylinders for surface defects, for example dents, cracks, and burns, and rolls cylinders to designated work area. Removes valves and installs reconditioned valves on cylinders, using wrenches. Connects exhaust manifold to cylinders and turns valve to draw off residual gas. Bounces or hammers cylinders to loosen rust and scale, and inserts water, steam, and air nozzles and turns valves to clean and dry cylinders. Tests filled cylinders for leaks by brushing or spraying chemical solution around valve. Weighs filled cylinders on platform scale and records weight. Screws protection cap over valve and ties warning and identification tags on cylinder. Wraps cakes of dry ice in paper and stores them in icehouse. May also clean cylinder exteriors with wire brush. May also place cylinders on heating rack to expand gas to ensure complete removal. May also be known according to work performed as Blow-Off Worker (chemical industry), Cylinder Handler (chemical industry), Cylinder Valver (chemical industry), Hoist-Cylinder Loader (chemical industry), Ice Handler (chemical industry), Valve Steamer (chemical industry). May also be designated: Cylinder Checker (chemical industry), Cylinder Devalver (chemical industry), Cylinder Steamer (chemical industry), Ton-Container Shipper (chemical industry).

Job industry: chemical industry

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