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Dock Hand – Performs following duties regarding to drydocking and cleaning exteriors of ships and maintenance of drydock and piers: Positions keel blocks on dock platform and builds bilge blocks as directed by DOCK SUPERVISOR (boat industry), using handtools and clamps. Opens flood valves in floating drydock sections to submerge platform. Winds up docking lines, using winch, or snubs lines over dock cleats to position ship over drydock. Starts pumps to remove water from drydock sections and turns pump controls to keep dock platform on even keel. Washes or steam cleans exterior of ship’s hull to remove marine growth and loose paint, using high-pressure water hose, or steam-cleaning equipment. Scrapes barnacles or other marine growth from hull with long-handled scraper and chips rust or paint from hull with pneumatic tool. Erects stages and scaffolds to reach sections of hull. Opens and closes flood valves on drydock when removing ship from dock, to keep dock platform on even keel as it submerges. Floods or drains caisson (gate) of graving drydock and assists in floating caisson in or out of position across drydock entrance.

Job industry: boat industry

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