Electric Meter Installer 1: A description for the electric meter installer 1 job

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Electric Meter Installer 1 – Installs, disconnects, removes, and reconnects electric power meters used to record current consumption of residential, commercial, and industrial customers: Splices and connects covered insulated cable to bus bar in pull box or on switchboard. Mounts meter, and other electric equipment for high load installations, for example time clocks, transformers, and circuit breakers, on racks or wall, using electrician handtools. Installs and connects cable from pull box to meter socket or transformer. Attaches color-coded wires from current transformer to test blocks and from test blocks to meter terminals for testing purposes. Tests meter for current flow and recording of current consumption. Disconnects and seals meter on cut-off order or removes seal and reconnects meter on cut-in orders. Removes, replaces, and reconnects meters when current consumption is too high for existing installation. Installs temporary service meter for recording current consumption during construction. Splices and connects jumper cables from current transformer onto bus bar on switchboard to provide temporary power for customer during change of meter and cables or when customer’s service equipment is defective. Records meter and installation data on meter cards, work orders, and field service orders. Locates, diagnoses, and clears electrical trouble on customers’ premises. Performs minor repairs and changes faulty or incorrect wiring on customers’ premises. May also be designated according to specialty as Meter Installer-And-Remover (power industry).

Job industry: power industry

Other job descriptions:
Electric Meter Installer 1
Line Erector
Street Railway Line Installer
Line Repairer
Line Erector Apprentice
Power Transformer Repairer
Tower Erector
Utilities Service Investigator
Construction Checker
Safety Inspector 2
Electric Meter Tester
Voltage Tester
Wind Generating Electric Power Installer
Laboratory Helper
Electrical Helper
Electric Meter Installer 2
Tower Erector Helper
Street Light Wirer
Trolley Wire Installer
Steel Post Installer
Central Office Repairer Supervisor
Customer Facilities Supervisor
Line Supervisor 2
Protective Signal Superintendent
Signal Supervisor
Test Desk Supervisor
Office Electrician
Equipment Inspector
Maintenance Inspector
Station Installer And Repairer
Testing And Regulating Technician
Line Inspector
Automatic Equipment Technician
Central Office Repairer
Telephone Maintenance Mechanic
Private Branch Exchange Repairer
Signal Maintainer
Plant And Maintenance Technician
Submarine Cable Equipment Technician
Cable Tester
Central Office Installer
Protective Signal Installer
Protective Signal Repairer
Transmission Tester 1
Test Desk Trouble Locator
Equipment Installer
Line Installer Repairer
Private Branch Exchange Installer
Telegraph Plant Maintainer
Protective Signal Installer Helper
Frame Wirer
Protective Signal Repairer Helper
Signal Maintainer Helper
Communications Electrician Supervisor
Rigger Supervisor 1
Avionics Shop Supervisor
Radio Interference Supervisor
Sound Technician Supervisor
Public Address Servicer
Radio Interference Investigator
Radio Mechanic
Satellite Communications Antenna Installer
Avionics Technician
Data Communications Technician
Radio Electrician
Meteorological Equipment Repairer
Rigger 2
Television Installer
Antenna Installer
Chief Electrician
Street Light Servicer Supervisor
Electrician Apprentice
Airport Electrician
Electric Distribution Checker
Neon Sign Servicer
Street Light Servicer
Street Light Servicer Helper
Electrician 1
Night Patrol Inspector
Neon Tube Pumper
Electrician Supervisor
Elevator Constructor Supervisor
Line Department Supervisor
Electric Track Switch Maintainer
Elevator Examiner And Adjuster

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