Flight Reservations Manager: A description for the flight reservations manager job

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Flight Reservations Manager: Directs and coordinates, through subordinate supervisory personnel, flight reservation activities for certificated commercial or transport company: Reviews flight reservation reports, statistical data on passenger miles flown, and conducts comparison studies on other airline reservations to develop methods and procedures designed to improve operating efficiency and increase reservations for company flights. Interprets and implements, through supervisory personnel, company policies and procedures regarding customer relations and contact with public. Analyzes economic statistics as applied to air transportation and other factors, for example weather conditions, special flight rates, and package deals, to estimate future volume of flight reservations. Prepares estimates of work force required to process work load and equipment requirements in order to formulate budget estimate. Reviews performance evaluations on reservations personnel and initiates personnel actions as required. Schedules notation of worker assignments to improve capabilities of personnel and develop worker overall knowledge of department activities. Directs investigation of customer complaints regarding reservation services and prepares correspondence designed to improve customer relations. Endeavors to resolve personnel grievances and submits unresolved grievances to higher authority.

Job industry: air industry

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