Automobile Service Station Manager: A description for the automobile service station manager job

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Automobile Service Station Manager: Manages automobile service station: Plans, develops, and implements policies for operating station, for example hours of operation, workers required and duties, scope of operations, and prices for products and services. Hires and trains workers, prepares work schedules, and assigns workers to specific duties, for example customer service, automobile maintenance, or repair work. Directs, coordinates, and participates in performing customer service activities, for example pumping gasoline, checking engine oil, tires, battery, and washing windows and windshield. Notifies customer when oil is dirty or low, tires are worn, hoses or fanbelts are defective, or evidence indicates battery defects, to promote sale of products and services, for example oil change and lubrication, tires, battery, or other automotive accessories. Reconciles cash with gasoline pump meter readings, sales slips, and credit card charges. Orders, receives, and inventories gasoline, oil, automotive accessories and parts. May also perform automotive maintenance and repair work, for example adjusting or relining brakes, motor tune-ups, valve grinding, and changing and repairing tires. May also sell only gasoline and oil on self-service basis and be designated Manager, Self-Service Gasoline Station (retail industry).

Job industry: retail industry

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