Marine Oil Terminal Superintendent: A description for the marine oil terminal superintendent job

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Marine Oil Terminal Superintendent: Directs and coordinates marine petroleum terminal activities regarding to delivery of crude and fuel oil, gasoline, and other petroleum products to, and receipt from, tankers, barges, or ships, storing of products in terminal tanks, and transfer of products by pipelines: Reviews data, for example vessel arrival date and manifest of cargo showing types and quantities of products to be offloaded or delivered, in order to plan work activities. Determines if storage tanks have capacity to hold quantities of products being discharged or quantities of products to be loaded, using gauging reports showing contents and levels in each tank. Notifies pipeline or refinery personnel of transfer requirements. Directs and coordinates, through subordinate supervisory personnel, connecting of oil transfer hoses, lining up of cross-connections and valves to pump products into or from vessels’ tanks or storage tanks. Coordinates activities, for example gauging of tanks, recording tank contents temperature, and obtaining samples of products for analysis, to ensure specified quantities and types of products are received or delivered. Directs preparation of reports on receipt or delivery to and from vessels, pipeline, or storage tanks. Prepares report on status of storage tanks’ contents and quantities of products in each tank. Requisitions and schedules repair and maintenance work on terminal facilities and equipment for periods when oil movements are not scheduled.

Job industry: water industry

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