Winding Inspector: A description for the winding inspector job

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Winding Inspector – Performs any combination of following tasks to inspect appliance motors and parts, for example armatures and field assemblies: Examines parts, for example commutators, laminations, windings, and shafts for centering of commutator slots, depth of mica undercutting, loose copper and mica chips, positioning and winding of armature coils, and excess varnish or paint. Gauges parts, for example shafts, laminations, commutator bars, for specified length and diameters, using micrometers, fixed and snap gauges, rule, and dial indicator. Places armatures in bearings of bench fixture, rotates armatures manually, and observes dial indicator for eccentricity. Taps offcenter shafts with mallet to straighten shafts. Repairs defects, for example damaged threads and rough commutators, and cleans copper chips from slots, using threading dies, end reamers, knives, picks, brushes, and sandpaper. Routes repairs, for example offcenter commutator slots and shallow undercutting. Stamps date code on acceptable armatures, using rubber stamp. Writes transfer tickets and inspection reports to include quantity and classification of rejected and accepted armatures. May also be designated according to part inspected as Brush-Holder Inspector (appliances industry), Commutator Inspector (appliances industry), Shaft Inspector (appliances industry).

Job industry: appliances industry

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