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General Laborer 2: Performs any combination of following tasks as directed by workers engaged in crushing, sampling, smelting, refining, loading, and moving ore and other materials, and cleaning machines and equipment: Loads and unloads material from freight cars or trucks, manually or using hoist, conveyor, or handtruck. Sifts and screens materials, using screen and shovel. Fills sacks or barrels with materials, for example arsenic, nickel, and selenium. Weighs materials, for example ore and scrap. Shovels scrap into trucks and storage bins or sorts and stacks scrap. Segregates and stacks castings, using tongs or hoist, and marks or stamps identifying codes on castings. Flushes mud and sludge from cooling and circulating tanks, using water hose and scrapers. Removes arsenic from kitchens, using cable-drawn scrapers. Empties slag pans from furnace, using hoist. Brushes cores with oil to prevent cores from cracking. Hooks and unhooks charge boxes and scrap trucks, to and from overhead crane. Cleans work area and delivers samples to laboratory for analysis. May also remove scrap metal and wood from conveyors that feed machines. May also spray firebrick with clay solution to reduce corrosive and abrasive action.

Job industry: smelting

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