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Yarn Preparation Supervisor – Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in processing cotton and synthetic raw stock fibers into yarn, applying knowledge of fiber and yarn types, machines, and any combination of processes, for example picking, carding, combing, drawing, roving, spinning, twisting, spooling, and winding: Confers with other department heads to coordinate activities of different departments, determine processes underway and possible changes in production schedule, and availability of workers for shifts. Examines yarn at various processing stages to detect variations from standards and inspects machines to detect malfunctions and damage to weaving surfaces. Directs repair personnel to alter machine setup or to repair or overhaul processing machines to maintain product standards. May also creel and doff machines. May also set up, adjust, and repair machines. Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR (industry) Master Title. Supervisors of workers engaged in specific yarn processing activities are classified accordingly [SUPERVISOR, CARDING (textile industry) 680.130-010, SUPERVISOR, PREPARATION DEPARTMENT (textile industry) 681.130-010, SUPERVISOR, ROVING DEPARTMENT (textile industry) 689.130-026, SUPERVISOR, SPINNING (textile industry) 682.130-010, SUPERVISOR, WINDING AND TWISTING DEPARTMENT (textile industry) 681.130-014].

Job industry: textile industry

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