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Looper – Operates looping machine to close opening in toe of seamless hose or join knitted garment parts: Pulls lever or depresses pedal to rotate horizontal dial containing looping points and start trimming and seaming mechanism. Places each stitch along looping line of garment part or one side of toe over looping points, working against movement of dial. Places stitches of second garment part or side of toe over looping points holding corresponding stitches of first garment part or side of toe. Removes looped articles from dial of machine. Examines looped seams for defects. May also mark defects with crayon. May also thread machine, using tweezers. When looping contour collars to body of garment, places stitches on looping points in sequence which will curve collar to body of garment. May also be designated according to article looped as Garment Looper (knitting industry), Hosiery Looper (knitting industry).

Job industry: knitting industry

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