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Mortgage Loan Interviewer: Loan officer Interviews applicants applying for mortgage loans: Interviews loan applicants to document income, debt, and credit history. Requests documents, for example income tax return, bank account number, purchase agreement, and property description, for verification. Determines if applicant meets establishment standards for further consideration, following manual and using calculator. Informs applicant of closing costs, for example appraisal, credit report, and notary fees. Answers applicant’s questions and asks for signature on information authorization forms. Submits application forms to MORTGAGE LOAN PROCESSOR (financial industry) 249.362-022 for verification of application information. Calls applicant or other persons to resolve discrepancies, for example credit report showing late payment history. Informs applicant of loan denial or acceptance. May also visit establishments, for example branch banks, credit unions, real estate brokers, and builders, to promote mortgage service. May also work on commission basis.

Job industry: financial industry

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