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Investigators Adjusters And Related Jobs: This job group consists off jobs regarding to investigating and making determinations pertaining to such matters as the eligibility or qualifications of applicants for insurance, credit, or employment, adjustment of insurance claims, and resolution of customer complaints. This job group also consists off jobs regarding to activities, for example locating persons and arranging for payment of debts and repossessing merchandise. Jobs regarding to interviewing persons and taking applications, registrations, or public opinion surveys without making determinations regarding information elicited are found in Group 205.

Job descriptions in this group:
Credit And Loan Collections Supervisor
Customer Complaint Service Supervisor
Claims Supervisor
Claim Adjuster
Agent Contract Clerk
Automobile Damage Appraiser
Claim Examiner 1
Credit Analyst 1
Deposit Clerk
Investigator 1
Utility Bill Complaints Investigator
Collection Clerk 1
Claims Clerk 1
Customer Complaint Clerk
Mortgage Loan Interviewer
Skip Tracer
Throw Out Clerk
Tire Adjuster
Dealer Accounts Investigator
Property Assessment Monitor
Claims Clerk

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