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Pastoral Assistant: Assists ordained clergy in conducting worship services, provides spiritual guidance to church members, and plans and arranges educational, social, and recreational programs for congregation: Assists CLERGY MEMBER (professional industry) 120.107-010 in conducting worship, wedding, funeral, and other services and in coordinating activities of lay participants, for example organist, choir, and ushers. Visits church members in hospitals and convalescent facilities or at home to offer spiritual guidance and assistance, for example emergency financial aid or referral to community support services. Assists CLERGY MEMBER (professional industry) and lay teachers in selecting books and reference materials for religious education classes and in adapting content to meet needs of different age groups. May also write and deliver sermons. May also teach history and doctrine of church to church members. May also assist CLERGY MEMBER (professional industry) in coordinating committees that oversee social and recreational programs.

Job industry: religious

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