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Picking Crew Supervisor: Harvest supervisor Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in picking fruits, vegetables, and row crops, by hand or machine, and loading and stacking filled containers on trucks: Examines crop to determine degree of maturity. Directs workers in methods of picking crops and specifies size of fruit or vegetable to pick. Ensures that equipment, for example ladders and containers, are available to workers. Directs distribution of field boxes along rows for convenience of workers. Checks harvested products for size, quality, and variety, and informs workers of discrepancies. Oversees loading and stacking filled containers on trucks. Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR (industry) Master Title. May also pay employees. May also be designated according to type of crops harvested as Apple-Picking Supervisor (agricultural services industry), Cauliflower-Harvesting-And-Packing Supervisor (agricultural services industry), Orange-Picking Supervisor (agricultural services industry), Onion-Harvesting Supervisor (agricultural services industry), Peach Harvesting Supervisor (agricultural services industry), Watermelon-Harvesting Supervisor (agricultural services industry).

Job industry: agricultural services industry

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