Plate Molder: A description for the plate molder job

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Plate Molder: Operates hydraulic press, equipped with steam or electrically heated platens, to cast rubber or plastic matrices and rubber dies or types: Turns dial to set electric thermostat or steam valves to maintain specified temperature in press. Inserts chase containing type into press to heat type to specified temperature, or inserts engraved metal plate into press. Places sheet of hard plastic or similar material on type and allows to heat for prescribed period of time. Pulls lever to impress material into type form to make matrix. Peels matrix from type, places rubber of plastic sheet on matrix and inserts it in press. Places metal strips (bearers) of specified thickness along sides of rubber or plastic and matrix to limit depth of pressing and determine thickness of die. Repeats heating and casting process to produce rubber die. Trims excess rubber from edges of designs, letters, symbols, and figures, using curved knife. May also mix casting compound and water to puttylike consistency, spread compound on mold plate, invert casting plate over type, press compound into type and dry compound in oven. When making rubber dies or type, may also be known as Vulcanizer, Rubber Plate (pen industry) (printing industry).

Job industry: pen industry printing industry

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