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Spinner 1: Spinning operator Tends machine or machine section that extrudes rayon filaments preparatory to washing, bleaching, drying, and winding resulting yarn onto bobbins or cutting it into staple lengths: Grasps filaments as they are extruded into solidifying bath and brings ends together to form single strand. Passes strand over glass rollers that carry it through machine for subsequent processing. Ties strands together if breaks occur. May also thread strands through washing, bleaching, and drying rollers and attach them to takeup bobbins [PROCESSOR (synthetic industry)]. May also gather filaments and throw them into glass funnel, mounted on machine, with quantity of acid that carries filaments into revolving spinning box. May also remove and replace bobbins as they become filled and reset clock device that controls speed of filament travel according to diameter of bobbin. When repositioning glass funnels after doffing, is known as Funnel Setter (synthetic industry). May also be designated according to type of spinning process as Spinner, Box (synthetic industry), Spinner, Continuous (synthetic industry).

Job industry: synthetic industry

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