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Stripper: Mold stripper Strips molded latex or plastic products, for example masks, puppets, and footwear, from molds, performing any of following methods: (a) Removes mold from conveyor emerging from drying oven and clamps it in holder to secure mold. Trims excess plastic from mold top, using knife. Pries section of workpiece from mold wall, grips workpiece manually or using stripping pliers or prongs, and twists and pulls footwear from mold. (b) Dusts talc into molds and removes masks or puppets, using knife. (c) Immerses rack of molds in water tank to cool them, dries molds, using airhose, and pulls masks or puppets from molds, using pliers. Places acceptable items on transfer belt or in box and damaged ones on salvage pile. May also clean molds by hand or using steam hose. May also be designated according to material used as Stripper, Latex (rubber goods), Stripper, Soft Plastic (plastic industry).

Job industry: plastic industry rubber goods

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