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Extruder Operator 1: Stuffer, vertical hydraulic, tuber operator Sets up and operates machine to extrude thermoplastic materials to form tubes, rods, and film according to specifications: Installs dies, machine screws, and sizing rings, using handtools. Couples hose to die holder to circulate steam, water, air, or oil to die. Weighs and mixes pelletized, granular, or powdered thermoplastic materials and coloring pigments in tumbling machine according to formula. Fills machine hopper with mixed materials, using conveyor auger, or stuffs rolls of plastic dough into machine cylinders. Starts machine and sets controls to regulate vacuum, air pressure, sizing rings, and temperature, and synchronizes speed of extrusion with pulling rolls. Examines extruded product for defects, for example wrinkles, bubbles, and splits. Measures extruded articles for conformance to specifications, using micrometers, calipers, and gauges, and adjusts speed and weight controls or turns hot and cold water, air, oil, or steam valves to obtain product of specified dimensions. Tests physical properties of product with acid-bath tester, burst tester, and impact tester. May also reel extruded product into rolls of specified length and weight [EXTRUDER-OPERATOR HELPER (plastic industry) (synthetic industry)].

Job industry: plastic industry synthetic industry

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