Compressor: A description for the compressor job

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Compressor: Sets up and operates machine to compress granulated or powdered ingredients into products, for example medicinal tablets and storage battery pellets: Installs dies in machine and adjusts spring tension and ram pressure of air- or hydraulic-powered press, according to specifications, using handtools. Presses control button to activate machine. Scoops ingredients into hopper or positions canister of powder on top of hopper, using overhead lift. Raises lever to stop machine and collects samples of product, according to established frequency, using tweezers. Examines, weighs, and tests samples for defects, for example surface chips and pits, soft centers, and excessive brittleness, using micrometers, scale, and hardness tester, or determines dimensions of sample to verify machine setup, using calipers, micrometers, and go-not-go gauges. Routes sample to lab for analysis, according to procedure. Adjusts machine pressure and tension to remove product flaws and ensure conformity to product specifications. Records product information, for example scrap quantity, machine number, and ingredients, used to complete work ticket. Places completed work tickets with trays of product awaiting further processing. Removes and cleans dies and compression chambers, using swabs. May also only operate machines and notify supervisor or setup personnel of needed adjustments to machines. May also pour metal bottom sections of battery and battery pellets into bins of consolidation equipment that operates automatically in conjunction with press machines to insert pellets into cans to form partial assembly of battery. May also apply heat to pellets to impart desired color prior to assembly into bottom sections of battery, using torch and asbestos squares. May also be designated Compressor, Battery Pellets (electrical industry).

Job industry: electrical industry pharmaceuticals industry

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