Power Plant Operator: A description for the power plant operator job

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Power Plant Operator – Power engineer, powerhouse engineer, power-plant engineer Operates boilers, turbines, generators, and auxiliary equipment at generating plant to produce electricity: Monitors control board and regulates equipment, according to procedures and information obtained from recording and indicating instruments. Adjusts controls of water and cold feed systems, blowers, and igniters to start up or shut down boilers. Controls operation of boiler auxiliary equipment, for example water and vacuum pumps, coal driers and pulverizers, steam condensers, and soot blowers, to ensure efficient operation of boilers. Adjusts boiler controls to provide steam at specified temperature and pressure for turbine loads according to power demands. Adjusts controls to regulate speed, voltage, and phase of incoming turbines to coincide with voltage and phase of power being generated. Synchronizes incoming generating units with units in operation and closes circuit breaker at exact instant of coincidence. Monitors gauges to determine effect of generator load on related equipment, for example bus bars and voltage regulators. Adjusts transformer controls to regulate flow of power between generating stations and substations. Operates switchgear to regulate and transfer power loads to protect maintenance workers engaged in repairing or cleaning equipment. Records malfunctions of equipment, instruments, or controls on logsheet.

Job industry: power industry

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