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Rolling Attendant – Controls equipment from central console to operate rolling mill which reduces steel into products of specified size, shape, and gauge: Selects prepunched schedule cards for section to be rolled according to specifications and feeds into card reader. Activates card reader memory bank (push-button) which reads and interprets schedule card information and stores data in storage unit for response to electronic signal in rolling cycle. Sets selector switches of console for automatic operation of electronic equipment, roll stands, and auxiliary equipment. Moves console controls to advance steel from approach table to mill entry table and through complete rolling cycle automatically, to reduce steel products to specified shape, size, and gauge. Observes, from control pulpit, rolling irregularities in ingot, for example pipe, split end, or heat loss, and notifies other worker through intercom system to shear defective parts. Observes rolling operations, dial and colored light indicators, and other gauges, and manipulates control levers and switches to adjust roll draft, alignment, or mill speed to correct rolling and tolerance deviations or drift. Stops automated mill and changes to manual control operations on breakdown or failure of electronic or mill equipment. Assists mill crew in setup, roll change, maintenance, and adjustment of mill and auxiliary equipment during manual operation of rolling mill. May also make adjustments or minor repairs to electronic control equipment or devices. May also move electrical control levers in pulpit to operate mill tables, scale breakers, and broadsiding mill screwdown when mill operates under manual control.

Job industry: mill industry

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