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Secretary: Secretarial stenographer Schedules appointments, gives information to callers, takes dictation, and otherwise relieves officials of clerical work and minor administrative and business detail: Reads and routes incoming mail. Locates and attaches appropriate file to correspondence to be answered by employer. Takes dictation in shorthand or by machine [STENOTYPE OPERATOR (clerical jobs) 202.362-022] and transcribes notes on typewriter, or transcribes from voice recordings [TRANSCRIBING-MACHINE OPERATOR (clerical jobs) 203.582-058]. Composes and types routine correspondence. Files correspondence and other records. Answers telephone and gives information to callers or routes call to appropriate official and places outgoing calls. Schedules appointments for employer. Greets visitors, ascertains nature of business, and conducts visitors to employer or appropriate person. May also not take dictation. May also arrange travel schedule and reservations. May also compile and type statistical reports. May also oversee clerical workers. May also keep personnel records [PERSONNEL CLERK (clerical jobs) 209.362-026]. May also record minutes of staff meetings. May also make copies of correspondence or other printed matter, using copying or duplicating machine. May also prepare outgoing mail, using postage-metering machine. May also prepare notes, correspondence, and reports, using word processor or computer terminal.

Job industry: clerical jobs

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