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Station Manager: Directs and coordinates activities of radio or television station, or of cable television franchise: Supervises directly, or through subordinates, personnel engaged in departments, for example sales, program, engineering, and personnel. Observes activities to ensure compliance with government regulations. Discusses plans with marketing personnel to promote sales of programs and time periods to advertisers and their agencies. Confers with owners or company senior management to discuss station policy and administrative procedures. May also prepare operational budget and monitor expenses for station or franchise. May also negotiate with motion picture companies for purchase of independent film programs. May also negotiate cable franchise contract with local issuing authority. May also develop strategy to promote sales of new cable television service, or upgraded service, to customers within franchise area. May also contact prospective buyers of station time to promote sale of station services. May also manage station engaged in transmitting broadcasts to foreign countries and be known as Director, International Broadcasting (broadcasting industry). May also perform different duties and responsibilities, according to station size and network affiliation, and be designated General Manager, Broadcasting (broadcasting industry).

Job industry: broadcasting industry

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