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Winding And Twisting Department Supervisor – Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in winding yarn or thread from one package to another and in twisting yarn or thread: Reads production schedule to obtain information, for example size, type, texture, quality, and quantity of yarn required to meet production demands. Schedules winding of yarn onto suitable packages for subsequent processes, for example twisting, warping, dyeing, knitting, or weaving. Informs machine tenders of yarn type and size, winding speed, number of ends wound per package, and size of packages. Determines direction and amount of twist to be put into yarn, based on size of yarn, number of ends being plied, twists per inch and direction of twist in single yarn, and ultimate use of yarn. Computes gear size required to effect required twist, using mathematical formulas and tables. Schedules changes in production to meet requirements of production schedule, issuing new instructions to SECTION LEADER AND MACHINE SETTER (textile industry) 689.260-018. Examines yarn to detect variations from standards. Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR (industry) Master Title. May also supervise workers engaged in winding and twisting continuous filament yarns and be designated Supervisor, Throwing Department (textile industry). May also be designated according to specific activity as Supervisor, Twisting Department (textile industry), Supervisor, Winding Department (textile industry). May also supervise workers engaged in twisting yarn around rubber strands to produce elastic yarn and be designated Supervisor, Rubber Covering (textile industry).

Job industry: textile industry

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