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Advertising Manager 1: Director, advertising, sales promotion director Plans and executes advertising policies of organization: Confers with department heads to discuss possible new accounts and to outline new policies or sales promotion campaigns. Confers with officials of newspapers, radio, and television stations, billboard advertisers, and advertising agencies to negotiate advertising contracts. Allocates advertising space to departments or products of establishment. Reviews and approves television and radio advertisements before release. Reviews rates and classifications applicable to various types of advertising and provides authorization. Directs workers in advertising department engaged in developing and producing advertisements. Directs research activities regarding to gathering information or with compilation of statistics pertinent to planning and execution of advertising sales promotion campaign. May also authorize information for publication, for example interviews with reporters or articles describing phases of establishment activity. May also serve as establishment representative for geographical district or department. May also transact business as agent for advertising accounts. May also direct preparation of special promotional features. May also monitor and analyze sales promotion results to determine cost effectiveness of promotion campaign.

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