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Primary Mill Roller – Operates primary mill to roll hot steel ingots into blooms, slabs, billets, or beam blanks, following rolling orders and using knowledge of steel properties and rolling practices: Reads rolling order to determine setup, rolling sequences, number of passes required, and draft (space between rolls) for each pass. Sets clearances on guides and rolls, using wrenches and measuring instruments, and starts mill to roll sample ingot. Measures sample for conformance to dimensional specifications, using calipers, tape, and level. Moves levers to regulate draft, as shown by dial indicator, and to control movement of conveyors, water sprays, and mill tables for each pass. Signals soaking pit personnel for ingots as needed. Observes color of ingot to determine if specified rolling temperature has been attained. Gives directions to workers in duties, for example changing rolls, regulating speed of conveyors, and turning ingot, to obtain product of specified size, shape, and quality. May also be designated according to type of mill operated as Roller, Billet Mill (mill industry), Roller, Blooming Mill (mill industry), Roller, Slabbing Mill (mill industry).

Job industry: mill industry

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