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Centrifugal Control Switches Machine Operator – Alternate titles: governor assembler Operates machines, for example lathe and drill press, to machine centrifugal switch assemblies for electric motors, performing any combination of following duties: Positions switch bore and hub cylinder in fixture on hydraulic press. Starts press to lower ram and force hub into switch bore. Clamps assembly to bed of drill press and starts press to ream bore of hub cylinder to specified size. Verifies diameter of bore, using plug gauge. Mounts switch assembly to lathe and inserts specified cutting tool in tool holder. Sets cutting tool to specified depth of cut, using micrometer. Starts lathe to cut outside diameter of switch, to cut slot in contact surface, or to remove rivet heads and burs. Verifies diameter of switch or depth of slot, using micrometer or plug gauge. Mounts switch to test motor. Starts motor and turns control spring setscrew, observing tachometer, until switch opens at specified revolutions per minute. Inserts mandrel in bore of switch assembly and mounts assembly in test stand. Rotates mandrel and observes assembly for static balance. Drills metal from rivet heads or solders additional metal onto heads to balance switch assemblies. Mounts assembly to lathe and adjusts dial indicator to specified setting. Starts lathe and observes dial indicator to test balance of assembly.

Job industry: electrical industry

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