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Comber Tender – Tends machines that comb lap II or sliver to remove short fibers, neps, and dirt and to straighten and align fibers: Lifts lap onto holders or positions cans of sliver at rear of machine. Threads lap or sliver between feeder rollers, combing and drawing rollers, through gathering eyes, coiler head, and into cans. Pieces up fresh lap or sliver to end of preceding one. Pieces up breaks, and replaces cans of sliver or rolls of lap. Removes full cans of processed sliver from coiler head and pushes cans to designated area to await further processing. Observes signal lights to detect sliver breaks, machine malfunctions, and exhausting cans of unprocessed sliver. Pulls lap-ups of fibers from rollers, using hook. May also empty bin of waste materials combed out of fibers.

Job industry: textile industry

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