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Aerospace Physiological Technician: Operates physiological training devices, for example pressure suits, pressure chamber, parasail equipment, and ejection seats, that simulate flying conditions, to indoctrinate flying personnel to physical and physiological stresses encountered in flight: Interviews trainees to obtain physiological and medical histories to detect evidence of disqualifying conditions, prior to simulated flight. Moves levers, turns knobs, and presses buttons on control panel to regulate gas and airflow, temperature, and barometric pressure in pressure chamber to simulate flying conditions at varying altitudes and speeds. Operates altitude pressure suit control console which adjusts pressure inside flying suits and helmets. Operates parasail training equipment, for example tow reel, tow truck, radio equipment, and meteorological devices. Adjusts seat, harness, and headrest of ejection tower for safety of personnel. Places ammunition in catapult chamber to load catapult for firing. Fires catapult that ejects seat to simulate ejection from aircraft.

Job industry: military industry

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