Confectionery Cooker: A description for the confectionery cooker job

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Confectionery Cooker: Controls open-fire or steam-jacketed kettles or batch or continuous pressure cookers to cook candy, gum, or other confectionery ingredients according to formula: Weighs or measures ingredients, for example sugar, corn syrup, butter, and gum base, and adds them to cooking utensil. Starts agitators to mix ingredients. Turns valve to admit steam and sets pressure gauge and thermostat to cook ingredients at specified temperature. Feels batch for specified consistency and verifies percentage of sugar in syrup, using refractometer or hydrometer. Adjusts steam valve and heating element accordingly. Opens discharge valve and starts pump or tilts cooker or kettle to pour or dump confection into beaters or onto cooling belts or tables. May also partially cook batch in open kettle and pump it into pressure cooker. May also beat or knead confection to attain specified consistency, as determined by color and texture. May also shovel fondant into remelt kettles and add measured amounts of flavoring and coloring. May also be designated according to type of confectionery cooked as Bonbon-Cream Warmer (sugar industry), Crystal-Syrup Maker (sugar industry), Coconut Cooker (sugar industry), Fondant Cooker (sugar industry), Gum Maker (sugar industry), or equipment used as Vacuum-Cooker Operator (sugar industry). May also be designated: Icing Maker (sugar industry), King Maker (sugar industry), Marshmallow Maker (sugar industry).

Job industry: sugar industry

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