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Cook 4: Tends equipment that bakes, boils, and deep-fat fries meats, for example ham, beef, liver, pork, sausage, tongues, and tripe, to prepare them for further processing: Turns valves to admit water or cooking oil into vat, and steam to heating vat. Observes gauge and turns valves to maintain specified temperature in vat. Loads vat with mesh bags, wire cages, metal molds, and sealed cans containing uncooked meat. Lifts cuts of meat from truck and loads them into vat. Suspends link sausages on holding fixtures in vat. Turns valve to drain vat, removes cooked meats, and places them on racks or in carts. Spreads sugar or honey over top of hams and places hams and other meat items in baking oven. May also garnish hams with cherries and pineapple slices. May also add gelatin and other ingredients, for example olives, pickles, and pimientos, to cooked meat and mix them by hand or in machine. Pours mixture into molds to form gelatinized meat loaf. May also stuff meat loaves into plastic casings, using horn (funnel-shaped tube). May also cook products, for example chili, souse, and head cheese. May also remove bones and fat from cooked meat, using knife. May also grind meat, using grinding machine.

Job industry: meat industry

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