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Construction Inspector: Inspects and oversees construction of bridges, buildings, dams, highways, and other types of construction work to ensure that procedures and materials comply with plans and specifications: Measures distances to verify accuracy of dimensions of structural installations and layouts. Verifies levels, alignment, and elevation of installations, using surveyor’s level and transit. Observes work in progress to ensure that procedures followed and materials used conform to specifications. Prepares samples of unapproved materials for laboratory testing. Examines quality of finished installations for conformity to standard and approves installation. Interprets blueprints and specifications for CONTRACTOR (construction industry) and discusses deviations from specified construction procedures to ensure compliance with regulations governing construction. Records quantities of materials received or used during specified periods. Maintains daily log of construction and inspection activities and compares progress reports. Computes monthly estimates of work completed and approves payment for contractors. Prepares sketches of construction installations that deviate from blueprints and reports such changes for incorporation on master blueprints. May also be designated according to structure or material inspected as Building-Construction Inspector (construction industry), Ditch Inspector (construction industry), Highway Inspector (construction industry), Masonry Inspector (construction industry), Reinforced-Concrete Inspector (construction industry), Rod Inspector (construction industry). May also be designated: Pipeline Inspector (construction industry), Structural-Steel Inspector (construction industry), Tunnel-Heading Inspector (construction industry).

Job industry: construction industry

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