Furnace Operator 6: A description for the furnace operator 6 job

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Furnace Operator 6 – Soaking-pit operator Operates furnace to heat aluminum slabs and fabricated forms to specified temperature for rolling or processing: Sets furnace controls to regulate temperatures and heating time. Starts conveyors and opens furnace doors to admit slabs, plate, sheet, and coil, or signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR (industry) 921.663-010 to uncover soaking pits and lower ingots into them. Observes pyrometer and adjusts rheostat controls to maintain temperature between specified limits. Measures temperature of product to determine necessity for adjusting furnace temperature or timing cycle, using thermal instruments and charts. Removes material from furnace, using crane, or signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR (industry) to transfer it to next station. Records time and production data.

Job industry: primary industry

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