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General Laborer 1: Performs any combination of tasks to aid other workers in production of nonferrous metal products: Transfers boxes of metal scrap from work areas to storage areas, using handtruck, and records quantity and type of scrap transferred. Dumps scrap metal into crusher that reduces bulk of metal. Shovels metal scrap onto furnace conveyor to dry scrap preparatory to melting. Dumps paste oil or fat into drum, adds water, and mixes solution, using steam hose, to prepare lubricant used in drawing tubes and rods. Examines metal products for defects, for example dents, cracks, and scratches. Taps dents from products, using mallet. Feeds metal castings into automatic finishing machine that performs operations, for example reaming, stamping, and cleaning. Scrapes carbon, dirt, and metal particles from interior surface of casting molds. May also be known according to specific duties performed as Chip-Crusher Operator (primary industry), Chip Drier (primary industry), Inspector (primary industry) II, General Scrap Worker (primary industry), Soap Worker (primary industry).

Job industry: primary industry

Other job descriptions:
General Laborer 1
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