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Hot Dip Plater: Galvanizing dipper, pot runner Tends equipment to coat iron and steel products with corrosion-resistant molten nonferrous metal: Suspends metal objects, for example pails, shelving, nuts and bolts, and structural steel from conveyor hooks or places them in wire baskets. Immerses objects in chemical solution to clean surface of scale and foreign matter. Lowers objects into tank of ammonium chloride or other flux to protect surface from oxidation and facilitate coating. Dips objects into tank of molten metal to coat objects, using hoist or conveyor. Removes objects from tanks after specified time. Places objects, for example nuts and bolts, in centrifuge and starts machine to cool objects and remove excessive coating. Places objects, for example shelving and structural steel, into water tank or transfers them to storage area to cool. Smooths coating, using wire brush and file. Inspects objects for even and complete coating and returns defective objects for reprocessing. Scoops dross from tank, using long-handled scoop, pours dross into molds, and weighs molded dross. Turns valves to regulate temperature in dipping tank. Adds coating metal and chemicals to maintain specified levels and mixtures in cleaning, dipping, and fluxing tanks. May also be designated according to type of coating applied as Galvanizer, Zinc (coating industry), Tin Dipper (coating industry).

Job industry: coating industry

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