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Collection Clerk 1: Delinquent-account clerk, past-due-accounts clerk Notifies or locates customers with delinquent accounts and attempts to secure payment, using postal services, telephone, or personal visit: Mails form letters to customers to encourage payment of delinquent accounts. Confers with customer by telephone in attempt to determine reason for overdue payment, reviewing terms of sales, service, or credit contract with customer. Notifies credit department if customer fails to respond. Contacts delinquent account customers in person [COLLECTOR (clerical jobs) 241.367-010]. Records information about financial status of customer and status of collection efforts. May also order repossession or service disconnection, or turn over account to attorney. May also sort and file correspondence. May also receive payments and post amount paid to customer account. May also grant extensions of credit. May also use automated telephone dialing system to contact customers and computer to record customer account information. May also void sales tickets for unclaimed c.o.d. and lay-away merchandise. May also trace customer to new address by inquiring at post office or by questioning neighbors [SKIP TRACER (clerical jobs) 241.367-026]. May also attempt to repossess merchandise, for example automobile, furniture, and appliances when customer fails to make payment [REPOSSESSOR (clerical jobs) 241.367-022]. May also be designated according to type of establishment as Bank-Credit-Card-Collection Clerk (financial industry), Department-Store-Collection Clerk (retail industry), Hospital Collection Clerk (medical industry), Utility-Bill-Collection Clerk (clerical jobs).

Job industry: clerical jobs

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