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Switchboard Operator – Generator-switchboard operator Controls central switchboard in electric generating plant to distribute power output among generators according to generator capacity and power demands, and to regulate flow and distribution of power from generators to transmission power lines: Determines number of generators required to meet power demands according to load estimates received from LOAD DISPATCHER (power industry). Notifies TURBINE OPERATOR (power industry) to start additional generators when switchboard gauges indicate power demands are approaching capacity of operating generators. Observes synchroscope, voltmeters, and frequency indicators, and operates switchboard controls to synchronize speed of incoming generator with operating units, and to adjust generator output voltage and frequency to match output of operating generators. Closes switch to connect incoming generator to bus bar at instant when synchroscope indicates generator is in phase with outgoing power lines. Operates switchboard controls to disconnect generators from bus bar as power demand decreases or when equipment malfunctions. Constantly observes switchboard meters and gauges to verify operating status of equipment. Compiles records of switching and generating operations. May also operate switches to control distribution of power over feeder circuits between generating station and substations [FEEDER-SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR (power industry)]. May also control automatic steam-generating boiler from switchboard during normal operations and direct other workers who shut down and repair equipment [BOILER OPERATOR (industry)]. May also start, shut down, and monitor operation of turbogenerators by remote control from central switchboard [TURBINE OPERATOR (power industry)]. May also control feeder circuits that supply power to production or process equipment in industrial establishment which produces its own electric power.

Job industry: power industry

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