Natural Gas Treating Unit Operator: A description for the natural gas treating unit operator job

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Natural Gas Treating Unit Operator: Operates automatically controlled natural-gas treating unit in oil field to render gas suitable for fuel and for pipeline transportation: Opens valves to admit gas and specified chemicals into treating vessel where moisture is absorbed and impurities removed. Adjusts controls of auxiliary equipment, for example pumps, heating coils, and cooling tower. Reads temperature and pressure gauges, and adjusts controls to keep heat and pressure at level of maximum efficiency within safe operating limits. Performs routine tests or delivers samples to laboratory to determine qualities of gas, for example Btu value, flame candlepower, and specific gravity, and proportions of elements, for example methane, propane, and natural gasoline. Drains samples of boiler water from treating unit for laboratory analysis. Adds specified chemicals to water to keep heating and cooling systems in working order. May also adjust and repair gas meters and governors, using handtools [METER REPAIRER (industry)]. May also change charts on meters equipped with automatic recorders. May also advise and assist workers repairing gas meters, regulators (governors), and other control instruments.

Job industry: gas industry

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