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Paralegal: Law clerk, legal aid, legal assistant Researches law, investigates facts, and prepares documents to assist LAWYER (professional industry) 110.107-010: Researches and analyzes law sources for example statutes, recorded judicial decisions, legal articles, treaties, constitutions, and legal codes to prepare legal documents, for example briefs, pleadings, appeals, wills, contracts, initial and amended articles of incorporation, stock certificates and other securities, buy-sell agreements, closing papers and binders, deeds, and trust instruments for review, approval, and use by attorney. Appraises and inventories real and personal property for estate planning. Investigates facts and law of case to determine causes of action and to prepare case accordingly. Files pleadings with court clerk. Prepares affidavits of documents and maintains document file. Delivers or directs delivery of subpoenas to witnesses and parties to action. May also direct and coordinate activities of law office employees. May also prepare office accounts and tax returns. May also specialize in litigation, probate, real estate, or corporation law. May also prepare real estate closing statement and assist in closing process. May also act as arbitrator and liaison between disputing parties. May also act as law librarian, keeping and monitoring legal volumes and ensuring legal volumes are up-to-date. May also search patent files to ascertain originality of patent application and be designated Patent Clerk (government industry).

Job industry: professional industry

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