Polystyrene Bead Molder: A description for the polystyrene bead molder job

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Polystyrene Bead Molder: Operates preexpander and continuous molding machine that expands and molds polystyrene beads under heat and pressure, forming bead board: Reads work order to determine resin type and density requirements for bead board production. Shoves intake tube in resin and presses tube into coupling of venturi feed system. Presses buttons and turns valves to activate centrifuge, supply steam, and feed resin to expander. Fills volumetric can with beads and weighs beads to determine density, using balance scale. Compares bead density with production requirements. Reads steam pressure and temperature gauges and turns steam valve or rotates auger disk, adjusting heat and resin feed rate to control bead density. Connects hose of molder feed hopper to aging bin and pushes feed hopper into place to feed molding machine. Turns venturi feed valve, sending air through feeder to draw beads from hopper into molder. Starts molding machine. Guides bead board from molder through rollers of trimmer and saw to start board. Monitors gauges and observes operation of molding machine and equipment to ensure operation according to specifications. Inspects bead board for specified fusion and finish. Turns steam and air valves to adjust heat and bead feed rate to prevent machine overload and to correct flaws in bead board. Records lot number of resin, feed rate, and steam pressure, for various densities and board dimensions. Computes production in board feet to determine output.

Job industry: plastic industry

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