Solder Making Laborer: A description for the solder making laborer job

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Solder Making Laborer: Performs any combination of tasks involved in melting, refining, and pouring solder: Shovels scrap into furnace melting pots and adjusts fuel valves to regulate melting. Skims off dross with ladle. Plunges sieve box filled with potatoes to bottom of molten metal so that steam from charring potatoes agitates metal and brings additional dross to top. Skims off remaining dross. Ladles refined metal from pots to molds. Removes cooled metal from molds and places it on handtruck. Mixes tin, lead, or refined scrap solder in melting pots, as directed by SUPERVISOR, SOLDER MAKING (primary industry). Ladles new solder into pig molds or into troughs of solder-making table. May also cut bars into short lengths. Ties bars into bundles and packs bundles for shipment or storage. May also charge lead and tin pigs into furnace melting pots, by hand or using overhead power hoist. May also weigh pigs preparatory to charging furnace, using scale. May also level machine that converts molten lead-tin alloys into powdered metal to process solder cream and be designated Solder Cream Maker (primary industry).

Job industry: primary industry

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