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All Round Butcher: Performs slaughtering and butchering tasks in small slaughtering and meat packing establishment, using cutting tools, for example cleaver, knife, and saw: Stuns animals prior to slaughtering [STUNNER, ANIMAL (meat industry)]. Shackles hind legs of animals, for example cattle, sheep, and hogs, to raise them for slaughtering or skinning [SHACKLER (meat industry)]. Severs jugular vein to drain blood and facilitate slaughtering [STICKER, ANIMAL (meat industry)]. Trims head meat and otherwise severs or removes parts of animal heads or skulls [HEAD TRIMMER (meat industry)]. Saws, splits, or scribes slaughtered animals to reduce carcass [CARCASS SPLITTER (meat industry)]. Slits open, eviscerates, and trims carcasses of slaughtered animals. Cuts, trims, skins, sorts, and washes viscera of slaughtered animals to separate edible portions from offal [OFFAL SEPARATOR (meat industry)]. Washes carcasses [WASHER, CARCASS (meat industry)]. Wraps muslin cloth about dressed animal carcasses or sides to enhance appearance and protect meat [SHROUDER (meat industry)]. Shaves hog carcasses [SHAVER (meat industry)]. Trims and cleans animal hides, using knife [HIDE TRIMMER (meat industry) (oil industry)]. Cuts bones from standard cuts of meat, for example chucks, hams, loins, plates, rounds, and shanks, to prepare meat for marketing [BONER, MEAT (meat industry)]. Examines, weighs, and sorts fresh pork cuts [GRADER, GREEN MEAT (meat industry)]. Skins sections of animals or whole animals, for example cattle, sheep, and hogs [SKINNER (meat industry)]. Works in small slaughtering and meat packing establishment. May also prepare meats for smoking [SMOKED MEAT PREPARER (meat industry)]. May also cut and wrap meat. May also salt (cure) and trim hides [HIDE HANDLER (meat industry) (oil industry)].

Job industry: meat industry

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