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Skinner: Skins sections of animals or whole animals, for example cattle, sheep, and hogs, performing any combination of following tasks as member of a crew: Slits skin on head of carcass, and pulls and cuts connective tissue until head and neck are exposed, using knife. Severs head from carcass of animal, using knife and cleaver and places it on racks for inspection. Trims meat or fat from head skins. Slits remaining hide on carcass from breastbone to crotch. Pulls, cuts, and forces hand between hide and carcass to break connective tissue and separate it from neck, sides, shoulders, flanks, back, and tail of suspended carcass. Breaks and severs legs at knee joint, and removes such parts as dew claws, bungs, tails, and genital organs. Raises cattle from floor, using hoist, and pulls hide off carcass by hand or using pinchers. Severs and exposes gullet and windpipe on small stock, using knife, and ties gullet to prevent leakage of fluid when viscera is removed. Slits womb of cattle with knife to remove slunk (unborn calf). Shackles neck of slunk and pulls off skin, using winch. May also saw brisket bone on cattle. May also skin pork, using drawknife. May also be designated according to kind of animal or portion of carcass skinned as Backer (meat industry), Calf Skinner (meat industry), Cattle Header (meat industry), Slunk Skinner (meat industry). May also be designated: Cattle Dropper And Pritcher (meat industry), Leg Skinner (meat industry), Shoulder Puncher (meat industry), Small-Stock Facer (meat industry).

Job industry: meat industry

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