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Cooler Room Worker: Stores and prepares dressed meat for further processing or shipment, performing any combination of tasks in cooler room of slaughtering plant: Examines carcasses to determine condition of meat, for example hardness, softness, and oiliness prior to cutting. Records information on inspection tag. Weighs carcass on conveyor scale and records weight on production sheet. Trims excess fat from meat, using knife. Cuts carcasses into quarters, using knife and meat saw. Stamps predetermined grade on meat, using rubber stamp, and attaches date tags. Brands carcasses and meat products with electric iron. Pushes carcasses, or meat cuts, suspended from conveyor, from killing and dressing floor to cooler room or between departments. Separates cuts of meat according to weight, and grade. Pushes truck, filled with pieces of meat, glands, and organs, into cooling room and places them in pans or hangs them on racks. Transports containers of tallow to cooler room and other departments, using handtruck. Carries meat from shipping platform and loads it into delivery truck. Places trolleys on conveyor rails, and cleans and greases rails. Washes floor and containers with hose and shovels fresh sawdust onto floor. May also shroud carcasses [SHROUDER (meat industry)].

Job industry: meat industry

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